Purchase guide and helpful tips for buying the best beard trimmer

It has been seen that not all men are skeptical of a smooth shave. This is the exact reason as to why certain men opt for using a beard trimmer to enjoy a macho and stubble look. Beard trimmers are outstanding devices that makes sure that the users of this trimming gadget remains well groomed while at the same time manages to keep up with their style of keeping hairs on the face. As there are a plethora of trimmers in the market, it really becomes a tad difficult to zero down and decide which one is the best.

This following guide has been prepared with the idea of filling the customers with certain essential handy tips and also provide sufficient insight as to which trimmer will suit him the best, before he lands up at the store.

Essential handy tips on buying the best beard trimmer

  1. Primarily it must be understood that if you are in a mood for keeping and maintaining a beard, you must leave all your regular shavers on the shelf. Regular shavers are far too wide to provide you with the intricate grooming that is required for maintaining a beard or flaunt a stubbly look on your face. Although there are certain regular traditional razors available in the market that writes on their packaging that it can be used with beards, nevertheless it’s recommended that you must not experiment with them.
  2. Always select a beard trimmer that has a recharging facility. This implies that you can let go of the pestering cord in the way, while you are busy maintaining and grooming your facial hairs. In addition, recharging facilities on the trimmer is also a great option for saving upon the electricity bills. To get more bang for your bucks, although there many trimmers that come with regular replaceable batteries, but the rechargeable trimmers are far more convenient to use than the former ones.
  3. Although brand is not always the last word that one looks for while buying consumer goods, but with beard trimmers it’s best not to buy trimmers of brands that are not well-known. Since beard trimmers are used on a very sensitive area, so buying the best possible trimmer is most essential under all and every circumstances. Although it doesn’t imply that you need to buy the most expensive trimmer available in the market, but you must always consider spending a reasonable amount of money and buy a branded trimmer that is backed with a good review.
  4. As beard trimmers often come along with several accessories and attachments, consider buying the beard trimmer that comes with the right attachments to suit your needs. Before making your final purchase always look for a trimmer that come along with angled attachments, since there are several places in our facial anatomy that are most difficult to reach with attachments that are horizontal and straight. For people those who are maintaining different lengths of hairs on different parts of their face, these angled attachments are most essential for such use.
  5. Always buy beard trimmers that comes along with self-sharpening blades. This helps in ensuring that you can get the most life out of the trimmer that you choose. Well, although none of the beard trimmers can serve you forever, nevertheless, trimmers with self-sharpening blades are far better in their longevity than the ones which comes with traditional blades.

Reviews of top 5 beard trimmers

Now that you have the requisite knowledge about what you need to look for while buying your beard trimmer, it’s about time that we must find out which one we should buy.

So here are some of the most exclusive beard trimmers that are available online:

  1. Panasonic ER224S Cordless Beard and Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Hair Clipper Beard Wet Dry Trimmer

This beard trimmer which is manufactured by a reputed company comes along with 14 settings which makes it extremely comfortable for use. While using this trimmer you can easily find the desired length setting combinations that you are looking for. The blades in this trimmer which are made out of stainless steel are hypoallergenic, which means in a lay man’s language that it can be used by people who have sensitive skin. This beard trimmer which can be washed with soap and water after use, is preferred by many since it costs even less than 25 dollars and is also popular for its durability. This beard trimmer also comes along with oil, AC charger, cleaning brush and replacement blades.

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2. Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer-CS

This is another excellent beard trimmer that best suits for busy schedules of men. This amazing device comes along with self-sharpening blades with individually grounded teeth that makes it remain sharper for a considerable longer period of time.

Manufactured by a 95 years old reputed brand, its ergonomic design features a contoured brushed chrome handle, which helps the user to use it on awkward and uncomfortable facial angles while trimming his beard and get the desired style with ease.

Another salient feature about this product is that this trimmer can make use of dual power function, which means it can be used both with rechargeable battery and also plugged on to an electrical charging outlet.

Most suitable for flaunting daily stubble, this trimmer with convenient 6 position guide can cut hair size ranged between ½ and 1/8 inches.

This trimmer also comes packed with a 3 years warranty along with a beautiful travel pouch.

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3. Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System

Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System

This trimmer has been included in the list as there are practically nothing that this beard trimmer cannot do. This trimmer comes along with a mini foil shaver and also a moustache comb.

This Philips Norelco beard trimmer can be adjusted to cut at nine different hair lengths and as it’s got a locking system, you practically do not find any problem while adjusting your cutting lengths.

This excellent beard trimmer has self-sharpening blades and uses Philips SteelWave technology that assures a precise and even trim every time.

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4. Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco BT9285-41 9100 Beard Trimmer

This completely washable Philips Norelco beard trimmer is one of the best trimmers of its kind, as it comes with a laser guide for precision and ultimate control.

This awesome trimmer has self-sharpening blades and uses a digital interface on the handle for adjusting the trimming lengths.

Another important aspect of this excellent hi-fi trimming device is that, this is a dual sided trimmer, which makes it extremely user friendly while reaching out for the most difficult places in our facial anatomy.

Priced a little below 80 dollars, this trimmer really feels good in the hand.

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5. Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

This beard trimmer comes powered by a dual battery which sets it apart from the rest of its class. This powerful trimmer comes really handy when someone has coarse or bushy hairs on his face.

This ultra-tough Braun trimmer includes a beard comb with six adjustable settings which ranges from 1 to 11 millimeters.

For the precise trimming of your hairstyle, this trimmer is also packed with a hair comb that has six settings which ranges from 10 to 20 millimeters.

With powerful stainless steel blades this trimmer is a must buy for all men who have rough and tough beards.

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Final assessment

Now that you have every necessary information about all the most popular beard trimmers in the market, you must feel confident and know what to buy once you reach the store.

In this review there are several kinds of beard trimmers that are suitable for all people and so judging as to what you want to buy, should hereafter be of  no issues.

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